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We honor most major insurance plans and we aim to provide treatment estimates that are as accurate as possible. Because every insurance policy is different, we can’t guarantee your insurance company will agree to cover your treatment. Most dental insurance plans and policies are not meant to provide 100% coverage of all dental treatment costs. Check with your insurance provider or employer to determine what percentage they cover.

We will file your insurance claim directly from our office, but you are responsible for paying the patient portion of the claim at the time of service.

It is your responsibility for checking to see if our office is a preferred provider under your insurance plan. We allow 45 days from the date of filing for your insurance company to pay your claim. If your insurance company does not pay us within 45 days you will become responsible for the full balance (same if your insurance denies claims for whatever reason).  Note that most insurance companies will not disclose the exact amount they will pay for treatment until your entire treatment is completed and a claim has been submitted. Prior to submitting a claim they will state only what percentage of the cost they will cover. We will work to ensure that your claim value is maximized.

Your dental insurance is only between you and your insurance company (and employer, if it is an employee plan).  Bright Smile Dental has no contract with your insurance company and cannot act on your behalf.

Payment Options

Our goal is to provide you with quality dental care solutions that fit your budget.  We accept numerous payment options so you can receive the care you need. To view detailed information about our payment options, please read our financial policy.

  • Cash

  • American Express®

  • MasterCard®

  • CareCredit®

  • Check

  • VISA®

  • Discover®

  • Debit or Bank Card

Financing Options

Don't let financial concerns stop you from continuing your dental care.  Financing through CareCredit will help find a financing program that is right for you.   Learn more about CareCredit *subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required.

Insurance Basics

What's the difference between Indemnity, PPO, HMO and discount insurance plans?
Indemnity or traditional insurance reimburses members or dentists at the dentist's UCR (Usual, Customary and Reasonable fee). This allows the subscriber to go to any dental office without being limited to a panel.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) is the most common form of insurance. They provide members with a list of participating dentists to choose from. The dentists on this list have agreed to a lower fee schedule, which provides you with greater cost savings. They also assist with insurance billing.

DHMO, also known as capitated or prepaid insurance, was designed to provide members with basic care at the lowest rate. Patients designate their dentist from participating providers and are assigned to the office.  DHMOs may not pay for services rendered. Fees are usually greatly reduced, but the patient is responsible for paying the doctor.

Discount plans simply consist of a panel of dentists that have agreed to a reduced rate, with the subscriber being solely responsible for the entire portion. There is no billing or annual maximums.

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