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Gentle care for your child’s precious smile.

For busy parents, convenience is key for optimal dental care. Being able to bring your entire family to the same dental office can make a huge difference in the health of you and your family’s smiles. That’s why we offer children’s dentistry at Bright Smile Dental. By providing dental care for both children and adults, we’re truly a family dental practice, and we ensure the convenience of your dental care.


Children’s dentistry care should begin around the age of 6 months or whenever your child gets his or her first baby tooth in, whichever comes first. By starting your child out with dental care early, we help them grow up with the idea that taking care of their smiles is a top priority. It also helps ease possible fears of the dental office. That’s why our dentists and the dental team strive to provide gentle children’s dentistry care to kids and make visits to the dentist pleasurable and even fun!

One of the main goals of children’s dentistry is to prevent decay and cavities. Children are especially susceptible to cavities because they’re not well skilled at brushing and flossing their own teeth yet, so we’ll take extra precautions to protect their delicate smiles.  Several ways we can protect your child’s smile from cavities is through dental sealants, fluoride treatment, regular visit to a dentist (every 6 months).

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a big part of children’s dentistry. They’re placed on the molars, once all the molars have come in.  Molars have craggy chewing surfaces, and the deep crevices in these teeth is a great place for cavity-causing debris and bacteria to take hold. Dental sealants are made from clear plastic and placed over the creviced tooth surfaces, keeping out cavities by protecting them from plaque formation.


You use a fluoridated toothpaste, and your water is most likely fluoridated. Fluoride helps make teeth stronger, making them less susceptible to cavity formation. Kids need an extra boost of fluoride to make sure their enamel grows strong. That’s why we provide fluoride treatments, as part of our children’s dentistry care. Ensuring strong smiles for kids is one of the most important things we can accomplish.

How can parents help their children feel comfortable at the dentist?

Parents can help by being positive.  For example:  This is going to be fun;  The doctor is going to love meeting you;  Mommy is so proud of you.  Also parents can help by avoiding negative terminology.  For example:  Don’t be scared; This is not going to hurt; It’s going to be over soon.  By using negative terminology, the child unconsciously will be anticipating something negative is about to happen.  He or she thinks “why did mommy say, this is going to hurt?”  As a result he will be more anxious and apprehensive awaiting pain.

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