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What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a cover or cap that is placed over a tooth or a dental post or abutment (top section of a tooth).  Dental crowns are typically made of a high strength porcelain, ceramic,  and/or metal.  At Bright Smile Dental, each dental crown is designed to match the desired color and shape of the natural tooth.  We provide quality dental crowns.

Why You Would Need a Crown?

- If you have a large tooth cavity

- If you are missing a tooth that requires a bridge

- If you are missing a tooth replaced with a dental implant

- If you have a damaged or worn down tooth

- If you've had a root canal treatment

- If you want to cover a discolored or mishaped tooth

Dental Crown Process

Dental Crown Preparation and dental crown placement differs from case to case depending on the treatment to replace a missing or repair a damaged tooth. In most common cases, dental crowns are used to repair a tooth with cavities that are too extensive for a filling. Excessively large fillings can run the risk of causing a fracture. A dental crown preparation requires the removal of the outer layer of the tooth from the decay. In situations with significant damage, a buildup may be required to give the crown support (core-buildup).  In the case of a root canal, a dental post may be required.

Dental Impressions

After the preparation process, dental impressions are then made in order to provide a model for designing the crown. A temporary crown will be placed while the final crown is being completed. Once it is ready, the temporary crown is replaced with the final crown, which is then cemented firmly in place.


We can replace one or more teeth with a bridge. The bridge, made of porcelain, ceramic, or porcelain fused to metal, contains the replacement tooth (or teeth). It’s adhered into place by either bonding crowns onto neighboring teeth or being anchored by a dental implant.


Bonding is an affordable option for covering stains, chips, cracks, and gaps. We use dental material matched to your teeth, and then sculpt and blend it to perfectly match your smile.

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