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We create bright healthy smiles for LIFE.
We treat you like part of the bright FAMILY.
A bright TEAM of Dental professionals
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Bright reasons to choose us:
We work closely with you
We work closely with you

It takes a team to make it happen, so don't think you are alone. We're here for you.

We got 2 locations to serve you
We got 2 locations to serve you

If you live in Orlando, choose one of the two locations closest to you. Third location coming in 2018.

We truly care about your smile
We truly care about your smile

A smile is so important, we truly believe that, and that's why we'll work hard for you.

We work hard to make you feel at home
We work hard to make you feel at home

We make sure you feel right at home, check out our place to see. If not, tell us how.

We work with smiles but our hearts lead us
We work with smiles but our hearts lead us

We know how powerful a smile can be, and we look forward to the day you can make a bright one. It touches our hearts each time.

We are loved by our customers
We are loved by our customers

There is no better complement than smiling back to us, but to refer your friends and family, that means the world. Our customers do so happily.

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This is what we do to keep that smile bright and healthy:
We work hard to give you a healthy bright smile.

Our patients are our first priority. We will earn your trust and loyalty for you and your family, for many years to come. Our promise is to give you a lasting healthy smile, one that you can be proud of.

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To the elderly living in Florida, it's not too late; you still can have a great smile!

Florida is known for the retirement state, a place where those who love the sunshine. As a result, we have a great number of people in retirement. When a person comes of age, they often may feel that their teeth may be too late for improvement. That is simply not the case. Here are some ways you can work on having a great smile despite being older in age.

November 13, 2017
Dear Orlando do I maintain the whiteness of my teeth?

Practicing and keeping a daily oral hygiene and maintaining a proper healthy diet are the main keys in keeping not only whiter teeth but an overall healthy mouth and body. Here are a few things you can do to maintain a bright healthy smile:

December 9, 2016
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