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To the elderly living in Florida, it's not too late; you still can have a great smile!

Florida is known for the retirement state, a place where those who love the sunshine. As a result, we have a great number of people in retirement. When a person comes of age, they often may feel that their teeth may be too late for improvement. That is simply not the case. Here are some ways you can work on having a great smile despite being older in age.

  • Receding gums and sensitive teeth happen over time, using the best brushing method to keep gum problems under control, and a mouthwash to deal with the sensitivity may be suggested.

  • As people age, they are faced with poor eye-sight and quivering hands which make maintaining daily dental hygiene a challenge. Aids like a magnifying mirror and good light are often helpful in cleaning teeth. 

  • To make brushing easier, opting for a toothbrush with handle adapters or electric “power” toothbrushes help those who have a hard time gripping due to arthritis can benefit from these products. 

  • Some medications when used regularly cause the mouth to dry up which leaves it susceptible to bacteria build-up that causes decay. Less saliva means less protection for your mouth against decay. There are over-the-counter special products in pharmacies that one can buy, including artificial saliva.

  • Having lost teeth in the past, and have dentures or bridges. Replace lost teeth so you can enjoy a healthy diet, and smile with confidence. However, poorly fitted dentures or broken teeth can cause mouth ulcer. Once the cause is removed the ulcer will go away. 

Visit your dentist regularly for maintenance and routine check-up as recommended.  Some dentist’s offer home visits for those who are home-bound. Contact us today, and see how we can serve you. We provide dental service for the elderly and give them the best option, based on their needs and goals.

Dr. Romy Jaraplasan
Written by
Dr. Romy Jaraplasan
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