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To my Orlando Dentist, how do I know if I have a cavity?

A cavity can be felt at times, but the damage has been occurring for some time, so the sooner you can see a dentist, the better. Here is a list below of some of things you may experience, so you can determine if you have a cavity:

  1. Experiencing pain while chewing – stabbing pain whenever you use the affected tooth and when you have a fever due to pain originating from a toothache. You should schedule a visit to the dentist as soon as possible and let them know of your condition.

  2. Pain or sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods – sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures may be normal; it can also mean there is an underlying problem on the tooth. If your teeth suddenly develops temperature sensitivity, you may either have a cavity, reverse pulpitis (early signs of decay), or you could be suffering from gum recession.

  3. Chips and cracks – on the teeth when decay occur, that destroys the underlying tooth foundation that causes teeth to become brittle and break.

  4. Appearance of dark areas on teeth or darkening of an entire tooth – can be a sign of tooth decay it is important to check with your dentist to confirm whether this is due to teeth decay. You can have a tooth x-ray to determine whether the hole is caused by a cavity.

  5. White spots or chalky areas on the teeth, is an early warning sign that minerals are lost- this occurs when tooth is exposed to acid frequently by food or drinks that contain sugar and starches. The repeated cycles of acid attacks causes the enamel to continue to lose minerals.

  6. Bad breath – there are several factors that can cause bad breath and cavities are some of these causes. Once the tooth decay makes room for bacteria this eventually causes bad breath and even with good mouth hygiene practice if tooth decay is developing bad breath can occur.

These are the most common and the most obvious ways that can tell you that you may have a cavity or worse. Do not ignore the signs, better to be safe then sorry.

We serve the East and West Orlando areas, for the convenience of our patients. Please contact us today, and do not let ignore these symptoms. They may get worse, and the damage can be prevented.

Dr. Romy Jaraplasan
Written by
Dr. Romy Jaraplasan
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