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How many times should I see my Dentist in a calendar year?

Dental visits may vary, determining the condition of your gum tissues and supporting bone is surprisingly the basis on how many times a year you should have your dental check-ups.

Teeth Cleaning Every Six Months

For those who don’t suffer from tooth decay, once a year is ok. Best practice, is that you do teeth cleaning every six months, allowing your dentist to see your progress. However, for those who are prone to gum disease or periodontal problems need to visit their dentist for check-ups or cleaning three to four months a year.

Be Aware

Frequent cleaning helps remove cavity-causing plaque build up, the daily food debris that we keep under control with proper brushing. The gum tissue that holds your teeth in place can be infected by gum disease from the growth of harmful bacteria caused by plaque.  Eventually, teeth may loosen and be in danger of falling out.

The factors that increase the risk of gum disease include smoking, diabetes, pregnancy, and even the use of oral contraceptive. If you notice your gums bleed when you clean your teeth, or are tender, swollen or red, immediately see a dentist.

Don’t Let Insurance Dictate

It is unwise to let insurance dictate treatment, there are people that are driven based on their benefits package that ask to stretch the check-ups depending on their coverage.


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